Admission Open for 2013 - 14

Facilities available in the Campus

Computer Lab :

A well equipped Spacious computer labs, for the exclusive use of the Primary, Middle and Senior school students respectively ensure that our students are well equipped with technological knowledge and induce them to be at their creative best, with all latest available configuration systems. The students are well trained by our well qualified teaching staff in theory and in practical application. The systems are in full use, monitored and maintained well and serviced regularly. The curriculum is systematically planned and graded programmes are presented to the learners. Every child has his / her own computer during his / her working time in the lab.

Library :

The Library houses a large number of well chosen books covering a host of topics, reference books, encyclopedia and a video library of C.D's and audio tapes. The collection is regularly upgraded. There is a sizable subscription for periodicals, journals and magazines besides news in education.

Science Laboratory :

Science laboratory is equipped with required infrastructure facilities for "Do it yourself and learn" - The concept of Scientific Temper is developed. The School has well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students are encouraged to use these laboratories to learn through experiments. Every year latest instruments, specimens, charts etc. are purchased for these laboratories.

Smart Classes - Educomp :

Digital classroom or smart classes that has made learning an enjoyable for. Designed for computer-enabled classrooms, SMART Classroom Suite™ interactive learning software provides teachers with the essential tools to manage classrooms, assess students and encourage collaboration. SMART Classroom Suite is designed to easily integrate with your existing classroom technology.. The purpose of a smart board is to use it as a learning tool within classrooms environments. The smart board consists of a computer, projector and a large white board. It was introduced in 1991 by Smart Technologies. Educomps smartclass™ is a technology oriented initiative for schools. It provides tools and content for interactive self-paced learning by students, as well as rich-media presentations for teacher-led classroom learning.

The content available consists of pedagogically sound and visually rich curriculum resources mapped and customized as per the school's scheme of work. This content can be streamed into the classroom and shown by teachers in the classroom to make abstract concepts real.

Teachers also include their own learning materials for use by their students.

Drawing, Painting and Yoga :

Our school has a Versatile and extremely competent teachers recognize the , Drawing and Painting urges in the pupils. The finished products are regularly performed on stage and the visuals are displayed on exclusive boards, strategically located all over the campus.

Games & Sports :

Badminton, Cricket, Throw Ball and Volley Ball are our popular games on the field and Carrom and Chess in our class rooms during free time. Yoga, Meditation and regular physical exercises tone up the general health and physical fitness of our children.

Play Home :

Our Pre - Nursery School, admits children of age group of 2 years 6 months. The child spends the most important and formative years of the beginning of life in the play home, with the care love and affection of the 'mother in the teacher'. The children play with their favourite toys and other play things available in multi numbers to pick choose and play - the play way to learning and growing.

The Kindergarten :

Lower K. G. and Upper K. G. Again the best of their learning life is spent in the kindergarten. The critical period in the development growth is well recognized. The K. G.. Shapes, sizes, colours, designs, patterns and concept add substance to the topics taken on hand. The display of the work / activity of every child is made on the board. The visuals have immediate impact in the minds of the little ones.

Junior School (Primary I - V) :

Elementary Education is primary in the field of education. It is the basic foundation of one's entire education. Character moulding and habit formation are kept in mind while the child is handled in the lower primary levels. Thematic and inter disciplinary approach to learning permits the child to explore the varied interests, develop skills and abilities promote curiosity and creativity, adhere to devotion, determination to be independent and believe in self ', accept tolerance and participate in team work. With a broader out look in to the academics the curriculum includes the needs of the individual on performance basis enabling each and every one attain the level to excel and learn to excel. That will serve a life time. The thematic approach based on chosen themes encourages seeing, observing, listening, remembering and recalling with creative, skills of learning and exploring objective thinking and subjective handling of ideas and concepts.

Secondary School (High School VI - X) :

The Secondary school - Standard VI - Standard X. aims at bringing out the best in an individual. The latent talents and values, abilities and capabilities in the adolescent state are brought to the surface empowering the student in the individual to feel safe and study while going into the unknown territories of learning and experiencing.

Transport :

Our school Buses pick the students from Strategic points near their residence. Buses play around 10 Km radius to help students reach school well in time keeping safety and cost in mind.

Educational Tours :

Our school organizes educational tours for our students with an extra care having fun and adventure.

Primary students will be taken for educational trips to places like Aerospace Museum, Planetarium, and Industrial & technological Museum, Zoo & Botanical Park etc.

Scout and Guides :

Our school has a scout and guide wing assisted by Shailaja

Faculties :

Our school has a well qualified and well trained staff who take individual attention and care to mould the students.